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Imminent Threat

"...As the lights of the Ticonderoga class cruiser, USS Normandy broke through the low cloud cover on the dark horizon, Daniel watched out the front window, as the pilot wrestled the stick to keep the Seahawk level, and on proper glide slope toward the rolling ship.

Given a go-ahead for landing from Normandy’s tower, the Seahawk made an initial pass, as the moving ship adjusted course to keep its bow slicing into the breaking waves. "



Imminent Threat



Imminent Threat Book CoverBook ReviewsImminent Threat book is an international espionage story based on the Central Intelligence Agency; corrupt US Government officials, the Russian Kremlin and the Russian Red Mafia. The story has been written with a high fact to fiction ratio, blurring the lines of reality for the reader, as fiction becomes fact! The story explores the development of a top-secret weapons project by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, (DARPA) under the CIA's Directorate for Science and Technology.

This new technology however proves too tempting for some, and the espionage that follows reaches the highest levels of Federal Government. Our characters are unwillingly drawn into the tangled web of deceit and intrigue, as a life and death chase begins, climaxing on a remote frozen Alaskan island, as international tensions mount between superpowers… Available on Amazon, Apple iTunes, Barnes & Noble and Google Books.


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International tensions reach a boiling point in the treacherous icy Alaskan waters

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Imminent Threat


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